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It’s Incredible! My Honest pH Miracle pHour Salts Review

I’ve been using the pH Miracle pHour salts product for about a year now, both in my daily life as well my active life (gym, outdoor adventures, ect…) and there’s really not other way to describe this product other than “incredible” and in this detailed review, I would like to share how positively this it has impacted me and why I am recommending it.

Product info on the pH Miracle pHour Salts:

  • ph miracle phour salts review 01Name: pH Miracle pHour Salts.
  • Company: pH Miracle.
  • Price: $39.95 for 1 container (90 scoops). Check price.
  • What is it? A product that helps improve your pH levels (4 different salts).
  • Does it work? For me, it absolutely does and I love it!
  • Are there any issues with it? I haven’t experienced them, but talk to your doctor.
  • Product rating: 5 stars

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Note: They are also known as Young Phorever Phour Salts.


  1. I feel incredible stamina after taking it.
  2. The positive effects take hold within minutes for me.
  3. Whenever I’m tired but have to train, taking this helps me function at 100%.
  4. This product has helped restore my energy/stamina on many hikes.
  5. To me, this is a very reliable product for long hikes.
  6. It regenerates my system.
  7. It definitely does what the label says (raises pH).
  8. I’ve found it quickly helps hydrate me whenever I’m dehydrated.
  9. I also believe it helps prevent cramps (for me at least).
  10. After taking it, even though I have more stamina/energy, I don’t feel hyper or different (just normal).


  1. Might not be for everyone (speak to a professional if you’re concerned).
  2. It’s an acquired taste (basically salty baking soda).
  3. For some people, it has a bit of a laxative reaction (not for me though).

What the pH Miracle pHour salts are (and how they help you):

The general idea behind this product is that it helps raise your pH levels to alkaline levels. In my personal experience, this has been proven true time and time again and it happens very quickly. In my daily life, if I drink less, work out more or just eat and drink stuff that has a high acidity, I will notice and feel it on my body overtime (I’ll become more tired, dehydrated and sore).

Taking this product quickly raises my pH levels and hydrates my body quickly and that basically helps restore my energy, stamina and more.

How I discovered the pH Miracle pHour salts:

Before finding out that this even existed, I had a bit of knowledge on the subject of pH levels in the body (I’m no doctor, just a regular person researching this stuff and sharing my experiences) and how important it is, but I had no idea products like this one even existed (I figured a good, healthy diet and drinking a lot of water was the best way to do it) until someone I trust on the subject mentioned the pH Miracle pHour Salt name in passing.

I quickly looked it up online, saw very favorable reviews and decided to order 1 bottle for a test drive.

First impressions of the pHour salts:

I took one teaspoon of it, mixed it with water as directed and to be honest, I felt no differences at first. In fact, I would even say the taste of the powder is basically like eating baking soda (not the best taste, but doable).

At first I thought I would have more energy, vitality and so forth, but in all honesty, I felt no difference and figured maybe it was because I had to give this product more time and perhaps my body needed more tries to acclimate to it.

The moment I realized how amazing the pH Miracle pHour salts are:

The same day I took the first scoop of this, I went to my local gym a few hours later.

At the time, I was preparing for a very arduous road trip to the North Shore which would involve a lot of hiking, driving and outdoor activities, so being in excellent shape was a must and my usual training regiment at the time was doing the following things:

  • 1 mile of swimming.
  • 70 burpees and 70 kicks on the bag.
  • Pull ups, push ups and core training.
  • 2 sets of 500 steps on the stair master machine.
  • And all of this in one gym session (usually 4-5 times a week).

While walking to the gym, I was actually pretty tired because I had been following this workout for about 2 weeks (before taking the pHour salts) and the thought of having to repeat this regiment wasn’t exciting me to say the least, but I needed to be ready for my trip so it had to be done.

The moment I got into the pool and began swimming, I felt something very different:

Instead of feeling very tired and as though I was being pulled by an anchor (as was the usual feeling), I actually felt amazing and though I was tired on the surface, I felt like a machine on the inside. I didn’t want to stop moving and quickly either.

In fact, I felt as though I could swim at a fast pace (which I did) without ever getting tired. This was the moment I realized how amazing this product was and while I didn’t feel any different after taking it, the effects were clearly seen, and felt from the moment I began working out.

I continued my workout that night and ended it feeling amazing (prior to taking it, I would finish my workouts feeling depleted).

After the incredible first impressions, I continued taking the pHour salts daily:

Not only did their effects continue, but I was able to optimally do my workouts each and every time I would take this product prior to the workout (and sometimes after). This helped me get into seriously amazing shape. I can tell you right now that without it, here’s what would have happened:

  • My workouts would lag a lot because I’d be super tired every time.
  • I wouldn’t get to the shape I wanted to for my road trip (and in general).

But with it, here’s what happened:

  • I maintained my workout regiment (never lagged).
  • I was able to recover faster and keep training longer.
  • I reached my workout goals (and more), and much faster thanks to the pHour salts.

And just to help you understand how well I was able to prep for my trip, here’s how it went down:

I did about 16 miles of hiking my first day on the road trip at Finger Lakes, and over 600 miles of driving the same day (I wasn’t even tired by the time I got to my hotel).

I did about 10 miles of hiking the next day in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park and also had to drive about another 500 miles that day. Still didn’t get tired.

I continued along this same type of travel style for at least another week. I visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, did many hikes there and as planned, did explore the North Shore, then had to drive all the way back to NYC, but not before stopping at Hocking Hills State Park where I did 5 hikes in one day (and still managed to get home the same day), also without feeling that tired.

As a whole, for this road trip:

  • I drove over 3,500 miles in 10 days.
  • Did about 100 miles of hiking within those 10 days too.

Of course being prepared for it physically played a BIG role in all of this (more stamina, resilience, ect…), but I know for certain that I wouldn’t be able to get to that level were it not for the pH Miracle pHour salts helping me along the way and I did bring the container with me the trip too. I would drink it in between hikes I was doing to help regenerate my energy.

Other areas, hikes and trips I’ve used (and continue to use) the pH Miracle pHour salts:

hikes I bring the ph miracle phour salts on

I cannot understate the value of this product (at least for me) and I continue to use it months after my initial results (very positive ones). I drink it 1-2 times a day on regular days (even when I don’t work out) and up to 3 times if I do go on a hike or have a serious gym session.

For hikes, what I typically do is I load up 2 bottles of water mixed with the pH Miracle stuff on my Salomon ADV Hydra 4 vest and also my hydration pack with regular water. As I run through the woods, I’ll drink the bottles and it’ll help regenerate my stamina while also helping with cramps.

Other than that, I’ve also made sure to keep the pH Miracle pHour salts handy on long drives and any impromptu hikes that came up. I also keep extra bottles of this handy just in case and have also recommended and bought some for friends and family (they love it too).

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What are others saying about this? Here are real pH Miracle pHour salt reviews:

There’s 2 sources I have:

  • 1 is Amazon where there are over 200 reviews (4.5 out of 5).
  • The other is the pH miracle site where it’s basically 5 stars.

My personal (and final) thoughts on the pH Miracle pHour salts:

I said they were incredible and I meant it, and even that is an understatement of how amazing they have been for me personally. I actually have a “joke” I often tell friends regarding this product and if you now anime, specifically Dragon Ball Z, you may understand it:

In this anime, there is a bean called a “senzu bean” which the characters take to fully regenerate their bodies. Well I call this drink the senzu bean drink because that’s how it makes me feel after I personally use it.

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Now don’t get me wrong, taking this product does not exclude the responsibility one has to maintain a healthy diet and that’s something I aim to do in spite of this product being in my life, but for more immediate and serious physical situations, I’ve found this product to be highly reliable, it really has came through for me on many occasions and I fully intend to keep using it (and recommending it) for as long as possible!

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