About Vitaliy

When I started TheNatureSeeker.com in 2017, I was just a simple person who enjoyed nature travel and my only “goal” with this site at the time was just to share the few experiences I had (and hopefully make a little bit of money in the process).

Years later, what this website (and my life) has become is truly astonishing:

  • The site went from being hardly known by anyone to a popular travel blog which receives 1000s of visits everyday. 
  • At the same time, this allowed the website to start earning decent money as well.
  • All of this has allowed me to travel more than I could have ever imagined and at the same time make a living from it.

Bottom line: When the site began, I may have had a few dozen adventures to talk about. Today it’s 100’s (most of which I can’t remember but are documented on this site) thanks to the transformation this site and my life has gone through and what I want to share with you on this page is how that happened.

From the beginning:

I didn’t realize I had such a passion for adventure and nature travel until my early 30s, but the clues were always there now that I look back at it:

  1. At 5 years old, I would often travel with my grandfather to a nearby park in my home country (Moldova) where we would bike, explore new places and that instilled the initial sense of adventure in me. 
  2. After I came to the states, from 6 to my late teens, I would travel with my other grandfather from NYC to Florida nearly every year (usually by car) and that drive plus wanting to see new places and keep finding more adventures wherever we stopped was always there.
  3. Then as I became an adult (late 20s specifically), I began to explore many places around the NYC area, from the best hikes in the Catskills to whatever new park or hike I could find. 
  4. As this passion progressed well past my 30s, my need to see more places and have more adventures just kept growing.

The moment I decided to make TheNatureSeeker.com a thing:

It was actually in part due to a friend suggesting it. He had seen my social media pictures and asked why I wasn’t building a travel blog on this. To be honest, I’m still surprised that idea didn’t hit me until he suggested it but I wonder what would have happened if he never did that! 

In any case, I made this site around January 2017, and for a few years left it alone because other priorities in my life at the time were more important, but in 2019 I stepped things up and really started to grow the website through what I knew worked (my main career back then and to this day is online marketing, so I knew what I had to do to grow this site).

Years after that, the rest is pretty much self explanatory:

  • You can see all the details of my latest adventures on my blog page.
  • You can also see how this site performs as a business that helps me travel to all these places here (and this is something I also help other people do as well by the way).
  • To this day I try to travel and explore new places as much as I can, while documenting all of that on the site.

In any case I want to thank you for visiting this page and I hope my site and the adventures I share with you help you do the same, whether it be visiting simple, yet exotic places to some amazing/challenging and unforgettable places in this world! I’m available here anytime so you can reach out to me publicly or via my contact page here if you have any questions!