About Vitaliy (The Nature Seeker Dude)

As someone who lives in the big city (NYC), an escape into a more natural environment is something that I have found to be therapeutic and spiritual.

For years, I have had a passion which was unknown to me until recently that I love to explore new places, that involve nature.

While I am not a fan of visiting any museum or historic area, I am absolutely a fan of being in nature, taking pictures, videos and challenging myself with “conquering” that environment. 

For many years, since even before smartphones were invented, I took my first nature pictures on the beach in Florida and to this day, I have a whole shoe box of them.

Now with the invention of smartphones, better cameras, drones and opportunities to seize an instant moment, the passion I have to capture a moment in a beautiful natural environment becomes a reality.

I created TheNatureSeeker.com for 5 main reasons:

1) I love nature.

If you do as well, then you’ll enjoy the travels I do. They are very off the beaten path. See my nature blog posts for proof.

2) I love adventures in nature and helping people discover more places across the world.

Every adventure I take, I share with people, whether it be exploring day hikes near NYC, finding hidden waterfalls, and/or going to places no one has been.

3) I want you to be inspired to take your own adventures.

As someone who lived in NYC for so long and explored so little for most of his life, I know what it’s like to miss out on adventures and ever since I took trips to the Catskills and especially after I did my first major road trip in New York, I knew that I had to make up for lost time and start living life.

If you are in the same kind of position in your life, I hope this site encourages you to travel and see what you’ve always wanted to see.

And if you are in a position, financially or skeptically where you can’t do these travels, but still like the idea of vicariously living through them, then this site is for you!

4) I want to give you specific details on where to find the most beautiful nature spots.

For some strange reason, despite nature spots being so popular, it is generally VERY hard to find specific info on many spots I’ve been to, such as the exact place to go, how to find the specific location and so on.

This gap is a major problem I seek to correct on this site and help people find the same, awesome places I have (for example, Coyote Gulch or finding places like Secret Beach).

That is why I started documenting my trips, even if they are local, but involve nature to share with the world. I provide destination locations so people can also have the same experience I do. 

5) I seek to make money off this website to fund my travels (you can do this too).

I won’t lie, I am seeking to monetize this website and because I work from home (my main website is Helpinghandaffiliate.com), I am able to do this. This website does have ads and promotes products that I get paid for.

But my end goal is to have this website make more than enough to fund all of the travels I want to take around the world, and that includes paying for the hotels, the nice food, and all the other amenities that one can experience when they don’t have to worry about money.

But above all of that, this site just shares my passion for nature.

And I have numerous places besides this website where I showcase the nature spots I’ve visited:

Thanks for reading my bio!