The 7 Best Waterproof Socks For Outdoor Adventures

After experiencing how awesome one of the waterproof socks on this list delivered for me, I decided to explore others like it and formed the following list of the 7 best waterproof socks you’ll find today for outdoor adventuring.

This list of the best waterproof socks are perfect for any outdoor adventures, whether it be:

  • Skiing.
  • Snowboard.
  • Hiking.
  • Camping.
  • Trail running in wet environments (rain).
  • Trail running in dirty environments with dirt, mud, ect…
  • Crossing rivers, streams and puddles that require getting your feet wet.
  • Or icy weather like snow and ice.

So let’s examine the waterproof socks that deliver in all of these environments:

Here are the 7 best waterproof socks I recommend for outdoor adventures:

  1. Randy Sun Waterproof waterproof socks
  2. Meikan Waterproof Socks.
  3. Sealskinz Waterproof Socks.
  4. Sumade Waterproof Socks.
  5. Layeba Waterproof Socks.
  6. Tanzant Waterproof Socks.
  7. Showerspass Waterproof Socks (my favorite).

I’ll be providing a brief overview of each of these shortly, but one of the reasons why I am using these 7, for this particular list is also because they get a high amount of positive reviews from other users (which you’ll also be able to see).

And these aren’t regular “warm, wool socks”. These are truly 100% waterproof socks for occasions that literally involve having your feet be submerged in water. So let’s get started:

1) Randy Sun Waterproof Socks:

Available colors: 13 different options.randy sun waterproof socks

Price: $21-$30.

Amazon reviews: Over 1,000+ reviews with an average 4.5 rating.

Description: I recently got 3 pairs of these. One pair was for myself, and the other 2 were for my mother and grandfather and the reason why was because out of all the waterproof socks I researched, these came up with the most amount of reviews, as well as the most amount of positive reviews.

Just as well, Randy Sun is the most popular brand I found to produce these types of socks, at least if you look for them on Amazon.

These socks extend up to the calves and will such offer you protection for that height. Get the Randy Sun waterproof socks here.

And just as well, here is my personal review of the Randy Sun Waterproof socks. Thus far, I’ve tested these socks (with awesome results I might add) in the following areas:

  1. On many hikes I did on my Minnesota North Shore road trip.
  2. On many hikes in Harriman State Park.
  3. On numerous hikes in the Hudson River Valley.
  4. On a major ice water hike in Kanarra Falls (where they literally saved me).

2) Meikan Waterproof Socks:

Available colors: 14 options.meikan waterproof socks

Price: $25-$30.

Amazon reviews: Almost 100 with a 4.5 rating.

Description: Out of all the waterproof socks I researched, the Meikan ones were the most “colorful” and exotic in terms of looks, and as for quality, the videos and reviews for this product are very positive to boot.

For me personally, I don’t like wearing flashy stuff, so I prefer the more general looking options on this list, but if you are into style and want truly waterproof socks, then the Meikan ones are the best option for you. Get the Meikan waterproof socks here.

Besides the option you see to the right, there are many more varieties of Meikan waterproof socks available so if you’re into this type of style, you are likely to find one or more of these socks to your liking.

3) Sealskinz Waterproof Socks:

Available colors: Only 3.sealskinz waterproof socks

Price: $50-$55.

Amazon reviews: Over 150 with a 4.5 rating.

Description: Sealskinz was one of the brands of waterproof socks I considered buying because of the reviews.

But because they are a bit pricey at over $50 a pair and I decided to stick to the Randy Sun and my Showers Pass brands (which is also on this list).

Most of the reviews on this product are very positive and the only “negative” ones I found were all saying how the top part of this sock (the one near the calf), if submerged in water, will likely overflow and cause water to get into the sock, and in my experience this is true with just about any waterproof socks out there.

As long as you don’t step too deep into the water to get to that level of the calf, the socks will perform just fine and be waterproof.

Get the Sealskinz waterproof socks here.

4) Sumade Waterproof Socks:

Available colors: 10.sumade waterproof socks

Price: $25-$35.

Amazon reviews: Over 200 with a 4.5 rating on average.

Description: These are the only waterproof socks on this list that reach up to your knees and depending on the type of outdoor person you are, it may be necessary to buy socks that reach that far especially if you’re into sports like fishing or serious hiking expeditions that involve stepping deep into water that reaches that far.

In fact, I recently purchased these kinds of socks, from an Amazon ad that showed up for me when I was browsing it, and I bought myself one pair of those, only to later discover these for a lower price.

And while I’m happy with my purchase, the reviews and feedback on the Sumade Waterproof socks is very positive and so if you choose to get these, you’ll probably be very happy too.

And like the other products on this list, this one too is waterproof. Get the Sumade waterproof socks here.

5) Layeba waterproof socks:

Available colors: 4 different options.layeba waterproof socks

Price: $20-$25 a pair.

Amazon reviews: Almost 400 with a 4.5 average rating.

Description: The Layba waterproof socks are just about as good as any other option on this list.

The only difference between these and the others on it is that the fabric is a little different, and some people who reviewed it “negatively” said it wasn’t comfortable, while others said a completely different thing in that regard.

At 400 reviews with a near 5 star rating, I’d say the following:

It says a lot about the product overall and it’s an option you can confidently get.

Get the Layeba waterproof socks here.

6) Tanzant Waterproof socks:

Available colors: Only 1.tanzant waterproof socks

Price: $15-$20 a pair.

Amazon reviews: Over 20 so far with another 4.5 average rating.

Description: I decided to add the Tanzant Waterproof socks to this list because of a few things:

  • First, they are waterproof.
  • Second, they get good reviews so far.
  • And third, the price of this product is the cheapest out of all the other options on this list (Even though it’s not really that much less than the other choices). But never the less, this is another good option to consider and you can get several pairs and save some money with this option.

Get the Tanzant Waterproof socks here.

7) Showerspass Waterproof Socks:

Available colors: Only 2 (Red and Grey).showerspass waterproof socks

Price: $30-$40 a pair.

Amazon reviews: Over 100 with a 4.5 average rating.

Description: These Showerspass socks were my first experience with waterproof socks.

After I saw how well they worked for me, I got a second pair (you can see a whole review of the Showerspass waterproof socks here).

Overall, I have used these same 2 pairs for at least 2 years now and have taken them on many different trips, including:

And when I wear them in combination with:

Get the Showerspass waterproof socks here.

Quick questions regarding waterproof socks:

Is there such a thing as waterproof socks?

Yes there are many brands of waterproof socks and they do offer full protection from getting wet.

What do waterproof socks do?

Aside from being waterproof, they are also great to protect your feet from mud, ice water and potentially dangerous situations like hypothermia.

Are Sealskinz socks completely waterproof?

Yes Sealskinz are great and fully protective waterproof socks.

Do waterproof socks cause blisters?

I have worn 2 different brands of waterproof socks and I have never gotten blisters from them.

Which of these waterproof socks is really best? Why they’re all awesome:

After using at least 3 of the waterproof socks on this list (I have purchased 5), I am confident that any of the them will deliver at the very least in the same way these do for me.

the waterproof socks I have purchased

The reason I even decided to make this list of the best waterproof socks was because:

I wanted to get these same socks (the Showerspass) for my family, but they are often out of stock, which made me research the other options on this list (2 of which I already got).

So overall, out of the 7 options on this list, I have 3 of them and I can vouch for them working well.

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