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12 Best Spots For Camping in The Finger Lakes Region

There are plenty of opportunities for camping in the Finger Lakes region and in this post I want to share 12 across this giant area of New York which are popular and very close to some of the best spots there too (waterfalls, parks, sights to see, etc…).

The 12 best areas for camping in the Finger Lakes region:

  1. Back Archers campsite
  2. Clute Park campground
  3. Lakeview campsites
  4. Keuka Lake State Park campground
  5. Blueberry Patch campground
  6. Otisco Lake campgrounds
  7. Rivers Crossing campground
  8. Twin Oaks Campground
  9. Finger Lakes Campground
  10. Watkins Glen State Park Six Nations Campground
  11. Buttermilk Falls State Park campground
  12. Robert H. Treman State Park campground

Depending on which of the Finger Lakes you wish to stay at, these 12 campground options in the region will give you a lot of options. They’re all rated high, some are RV friendly and most offer great amnesties for good prices very close to the actual lakes and/or other popular spots to see in Finger Lakes.

Back Archers campsite:

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  • Location: Back Archers Campsite
  • Overall reviews: 100+ reviews and the average score I found is 4.5 out of 5.
  • RV friendly? Yes
  • Free or paid campground? Paid and usually it’s about $50 per night for either camping and/or RV camping. These rates do change according to the season. I’ve included their site below for details.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Back Archers campsite is right on Seneca Lake which is the biggest in the Finger Lakes region. In addition to being so close to such a beautiful, giant lake, the views from this area are amazing and you can stay for WAY less in this area than just about any hotel across Finger Lakes in general. You’re also between the towns of Geneva and Watkins Glen here so a 20 minute drive either north or south will get you to these towns if you want to explore the towns nearby.

Clute Park campground:

clute park campground in finger lakes 02

  • Location: Clute Park Watkins Glen
  • Overall reviews: 300+ and the average rating for this campground is also 4.5 out of 5.
  • RV friendly? Yes
  • Free or paid campground? Paid and you can even rent docking areas for boats here. The costs here vary according to the size of the campsite, RV area but you’re looking at $50 per night for most camp sites, and again it varies on the days and season.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Clute Park Campground is a very popular campground in Finger Lakes and is right in the town of Watkins Glen. I’ve driven through this area several times and it’s an excellent spot for seeing the lake, being close to town for a lot of restaurant options, the fact that it’s literally minutes away from Watkins Glen State Park is a huge plus too and that you can also rent docks here if you’re bringing a boat with you.

Lake View campsites:

finger lakes campground on keuka 03

  • Location: Lake View Campsites
  • Overall reviews: 20+ reviews and the average score is 4.5 out of 5 (and higher actually).
  • RV friendly? Yes
  • Amenities included? Yes
  • Free or paid campground? Paid at around $60 a night for RVs and less for campgrounds. Again, seasonal changes may affect it. Lake View Campsites is also a big company with many spots across the US. Here is a link to the Lake View campsites area in Finger Lakes specifically.

This campground in Finger Lakes is less popular than the other 2 I covered so far but that’s because it’s on a different lake in the region (generally Seneca Lake gets the most visitors). But it’s still a great campground, with great reviews and opportunities to see a lot of places. There is a restaurant nearby but the main spots to see are going to require a drive to reach (maybe 30 minutes). You’re also close to breweries and vineyards here.

Keuka Lake State Park campground:

keuka lake state park camping 03

  • Location: Keuka Lake State Park
  • Overall reviews: 800+ with excellent 4.5 out of 5 ratings on average.
  • RV friendly? Yes
  • Free or paid campground? Paid. About $20 and up depending on camping or RV sites (dog friendly too).
  • Amenities included? Yes

Keuka Lake campground is north of the previous location I covered (lake view campsites) and is more popular and closer to scenic areas and towns. It’s located in Keuka Lake State Park which is highly rated for views and hikes so there’s a lot to do there (including boating). Additionally, you are also close to the town of Penn Yan Finger Lakes so you have several restaurant options too.

Blueberry Patch campground:

campground in finger lakes national forest 04

  • Location: Blueberry Patch Campground
  • Overall reviews: Another excellent campsite with 80+ reviews and once again 4.5 out of 5 ratings generally.
  • RV friendly? To my knowledge, yes.
  • Free or paid campground? Paid, at $15 per night but it’s open seasonally too.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Blueberry Patch campground is the only campground on the list that is in Finger Lakes National Forest. Unlike the other options on this list, it is deeper into the woods, but still close enough to 2 major lakes in the area (Seneca Lake and Cauyga Lake) to explore the nature spots (and towns) nearby. There are awesome Finger Lakes waterfalls in this area to explore including Taughannock Falls, Hector Falls and way more!

Otisco Lake campgrounds:

campground on otisco lake new york 04

  • Location: Otisco Lake Campgrounds
  • Overall reviews: 100+ and generally over 4 out of 5 stars.
  • RV friendly? Yes.
  • Free or paid campground? Also paid. $30+ and higher a night generally.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Otisco Lake campgrounds is right by another major lake in Finger Lakes (Otisco Lake) and has a lot of options for camping sites for tents, RVs and also boating marinas.

Rivers Crossing campground:

cayuga lake campgrounds new 07

  • Location: Rivers Crossing Campground
  • Overall reviews: 10+ reviews and 4.5 out of 5.
  • RV friendly? Yes
  • Free or paid campground? Paid and also includes cabins and boat rental areas. $25 for camping and $50+ for RVs.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Rivers Crossing campground has a lot of variety for camping, more so than most of the campgrounds on this list and it’s also close to several towns and areas of Finger Lakes which offer access to beautiful parks and other things to explore.

Twin Oaks Campground:

camping on cayuga lake 01

Twin Oaks campground is actually south of the Rivers Crossing Campground on the same lake and is also a campground with a large variety of camp sites for different purposes including RVs, boat marinas, and campsites in general (amenities included).

Finger Lakes Campground:

finger lakes campground location 04

It’s ironic that the a place called Finger Lakes campground is actually pretty far from any of the actual lakes in the Finger Lakes region but in this case, this campground is very popular and offers a lot things inside. The closest town to this area is Prattsburgh (small town but it has restaurants).

Watkins Glen State Park Six Nations Campground:

watkins glen state park campground 02

I’ve driven through the Watkins Glen State Park Six Nations campground once when I did a one day trip through Finger Lakes and had a good tour of the place. In my opinion it offers the most amenities out of any other campground on this list is literally right by the Watkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail so you may even hear the waterfalls from the campsites there.

There’s also a lot of space available and it’s right next to Watkins Glen town which as you may know has a lot of restaurants. You’re also close by to Seneca Lake if you want to see that area and do boat rides.

Buttermilk Falls State Park camping:

buttermilk falls state park camping in finger lakes new 09

This is another awesome park in Finger Lakes and it’s even close to Robert H. Treman too. There’s a scenic gorge trail, lakes, campsites and a huge waterfall to check out.

Robert H. Treman State Park camping:

finger lakes camping at robert h treman state park new 05

  • Location: Robert H. Treman State Park (south of Seneca Lake).
  • Overall reviews: Generally high, although the mass amount of reviews are of the park itself (nearly 5 stars).
  • RV friendly? Yes.
  • Free or paid campground? Paid, about $20 and up per night. See pricing here.
  • Amenities included? Yes

Having personally traveled to Robert H. Treman State Park, I strongly recommend camping here if you can reserve a spot. This park is stunning and provides access to some of the best forests, waterfalls and views in Finger Lakes in my opinion.

Other questions about camping in the Finger Lakes region:

Can you camp for free in Finger Lakes National Forest?

Yes there are sites in Finger Lakes National Forest where camping is free.

How much does it cost to camp at Seneca Lake?

There’s several campsites around Seneca Lake. One of the most popular is Clute Park campground and it’s about $40 or more to camp there.


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