Reeves Brook Loop Trail. 5 Things to Know Before Hiking Here

I’ve done the Reeves Brook Loop Trail twice in Harriman State Park, once in the clockwise direction and once in the more popular counterclockwise direction.

In this article, I will explain 5 things to know and expect from hiking this trail to help you have the most fun and avoid getting lost (or hurt) here.

Here’s some quick facts about the Reeves Brook Trail:

How long is the Reeves Brook Loop Trail? It’s about 3.8 miles.

Where is the Reeves Brook Loop Trail Located? It’s in Harriman State Park.

Is the Reeves Brook Loop trail beginner friendly? If you do the clockwise route, yes.

Where does the Reeves Brook Loop trail begin? At the Reeves Brook Information Center in Harriman State Park. There’s a parking lot called “Russian Bear Parking Lot” nearby.

reeves brook loop trail harriman state park 03

The 5 things to know before hiking the Reeves Brook Loop Trail:

  1. Go here early or on a weekday.
  2. Beginners should do the clockwise route first.
  3. Intermediate-advanced people should do the counterclockwise option.
  4. The 50 foot scramble might be the biggest obstacle on the trail for you.
  5. Bring plenty of water and good hiking gear.

My experiences with hiking the Reeves Brook Loop trail explained:

The first time I hiked the Reeves Loop trail (clockwise):

In late May, I was moving up the ladder of trail running and challenging myself to do longer routes. The option to explore this route came and though I didn’t know of any trails in Harriman State Park, I chose this one because it seemed to be the most popular.

I looked at the map of the Reeves Brook Trail and decided to do the shortest loop.

At the time, I didn’t know this loop was actually the Reeves Brook Loop trail, but anyway, I decided to do the route clockwise. Here is a map of the trail and the way I ran it (1-4):

reeves brook loop trail harriman state park clockwise path

What to expect:harriman state park reeves brook loop trail beautiful overlook 01

1) The first part of this trail (red) is pretty scenic and about a 1-2 miles long. It’s nice to walk or jog through it. You’ll cross a nice swimming hole and river when you begin.

2) As you turn right on the orange trail (right), the incline is going to become a little more steeper. But it won’t last long (this part of the trail is very short).

3) Then you’ll get to the blue trail and that will take you through the most scenic part of the Reeves Brook Loop Trail, which includes a nice overlook (right) and shortly after that a 50 foot descent which you will have to carefully climb down. I found it extremely fun but some people might be intimidated by it. Either way, take your time here.

4) Very shortly after you descent, you will make a right to the white trail (it’s easy to miss, so be aware of that). The white trail will zig zag downhill for the most part and have you complete the loop.

I found this route very fun to run through in most parts. The trail markers were pretty easy to spot so I never really got lost. It’s much more beginner friendly.

The second time I hiked the Reeves Brook Loop trail (counterclockwise):

After discovering the name of the trail, I saw reviews of it saying the counterclockwise option is the way to go and to avoid repeating the same route I took the first time, the next chance I got to hike here, I decided to hike it counterclockwise.

Here is the map of that route (I included another option to take for the loop):

reeves brook loop trail harriman state park counterclockwise path 01

What to expect:harriman state park reeves brook loop trail scramble area

1) Without a doubt, this route is harder and it’s felt right away. You will be ascending on the white trail for most of it’s duration.

2) Additionally, be aware that it’s much easier to get lost here. For whatever reason, the trail markers in this direction of the route are harder to spot and for me personally, I did have to backtrack several times (very annoying).

There are several switch backs (zig zags) on the white trail and it’s easier to notice the markers going downhill than it is up, so take your time here and be sure to look carefully for them (they are there, but sometimes require more careful looks).

3) The white trail and blue fork is easy to miss (where the 50 foot scramble is) so do note that it will be on your left and you will have to hike down, towards a mountain (where the scramble is) to see the blue marker. I missed this twice.

4) But anyway, ascending the 50 foot climb is not easy and it will be a great workout for you. I did it twice because I was filming myself doing it, but I personally enjoyed the challenge.

You can see a picture of me heading towards the climb on the right.

5) Once you get to the top, you will pass by the same nice overlook of the park. From there, you will continue on the blue trail.

6) In my case, I was looking for the orange trail fork, but missed it (it was on my left and I was looking right) and continued to do the blue trail because on the map, it will intersect with the red trail eventually, just a little bit away from the orange/red fork. So in my case, even though I missed it (again, it’s easy to miss the markers on the counterclockwise route), I just continued on the blue trail and it eventually took me to the red trail.

7) Running down the red trail was easy and I had a nice jog back to the parking lot from there.

The biggest challenges in this route are the more frequent uphill hikes, the scramble, and most of all getting lost and all of this is why I enjoyed doing the clockwise route more.

I have to say, wearing good hiking sneakers (in my case, the Salomon Speedcross) was a huge difference maker. I also had a good hydration backpack with me along the way during the hot summer hike here and it helped me maintain my sanity (and hydration).

Is the Reeves Brook Loop trail worth hiking?

reeves brook loop trail harriman state park swimming hole 01

Absolutely. I enjoyed it a lot and plan to hike it again and get better footage. Most of what I said are things you’ll find other people are saying too about this trail (it’s fun, but tough if you go counterclockwise). Here is an review of the Reeves Brook Loop Trail and what other people are saying about it.

Do note that Harriman State Park has several other awesome trails to explore and I’ve done at least 4 others so far, which took me to cool mines in the park, which are also worth exploring.

Also do note that this park is also close to the Hudson River Valley and there are many other hikes to explore there too.

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