11 Incredible Scenic Drives New York State Has to Offer

10 scenic drives in new york state

New York State is huge and has some incredible scenic drives available for both locals and out of state residents to enjoy. Today I’ll be sharing 11 that will really showcase the beauty of NY state for you. Here is a list of the 11 scenic drives in New York State: Palisades Parkway from G.W. … Read more

5 Secret Hiking Trails Revealed in The Catskill Mountains

5 hiking trails to explore in the catskill mountains

The Catskill Mountains have a lot of beautiful hiking areas to check out. Today I want to share 5 of them that make for an amazing one day adventure in this area to check out, some of which are secret hikes most people don’t know about. Here’s a preview of these 5 hiking trails in … Read more