Randy Sun Waterproof Socks Review. One of The Best I’ve Had

Out of all the different brands and types of waterproof socks out there, Randy Sun is probably the one that I’ve personally seen with the most positive reviews and this is the reason why I decided to get myself a pair of them.

In this review, I’ll be sharing my experiences with it because I happen to own more than a few pairs of waterproof socks in general and do a lot of outdoor activities that would really test waterproof socks like these. So far I’ll say that I have been very impressed by them and you’ll see why as I cover the details in this review post.

Basic information on the Randy Sun Waterproof socks:

Company:randy sun waterproof socks review

Randy Sun.


$30-$50 (different options available). See all the Randy Sun Waterproof sock options here.


There’s actually a few different types of Randy Sun Waterproof socks. I own the ones which reach up to your knees and there’s 6 different colors available.

Some of the other groups (which reach up to your ankles) have up to 17 or more different colors.

Are the Randy Sun Waterproof socks really waterproof?

Yep! I’ve so far tested them by:

  • Stepping into a bucket of water.
  • Walking around in winter weather and “accidently” stepping into deep icy puddles.
  • Taking them on basic nature walks where mud and moisture is involved.

In every single instance, I’ve not felt a drop of water on my skin. Get the same socks here.

Do I recommend the Randy Sun Waterproof socks? 

Yes. I’ve so far been very impressed with them and the bar was set really high beforehand because I owned other waterproof socks called the Showers Pass waterproof socks (which I still use) and these ones are just as good if not better (because they reach further up my leg).

Prelude: How I decided to get myself the Randy Sun Waterproof Socks

Before I even got the pair of Randy Sun Waterproof socks I have today, for a few years prior, I’d been using the Showers Pass waterproof socks. I actually have 2 pairs of them to this day, and I’ve loved wearing them on many of the hikes and major road trips I do.

In most cases, they have protected me from many colds, viruses and sicknesses by keeping me dry and warm in many cold and wet conditions.

my randy sun waterproof socks

However, there was only 1 problem:

There weren’t any options of these socks available that reached higher than my calf muscle which isn’t bad actually.

But I like to get into some thick woods and often have to go deeper into water than I intend to, and when the water level you’re in surpasses the level the socks are at, there’s a chance it might flow into the socks and then get you wet.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way in the Canadian Rockies, on my western Canada road trip when I first tested those socks on. I went thigh deep into the ice cold water, which was way higher than the socks offered me protection.

For a few minutes, they didn’t let a drop inside, but as I kept moving in the water, they eventually did and all that ice cold water began flooding my feet. I learned the hard way, very quickly that these socks had their limits.

I didn’t really know that there were other waterproof socks on the market:

Even though I had that one incident, I was so impressed by those socks that I didn’t feel the need to research any others.

But after looking to get 2 pairs of those for my family members, I discovered it was hard to come by as most of them were out of stock and no longer sold in major stores like REI.

Enter the Randy Sun Waterproof socks:

Once I realized I wouldn’t be able to get the same Showers Pass socks again, I decided to finally start researching what other brands and options there were. The clear winner based on positive reviews and the sheer amount of positive ones were the Randy Sun Waterproof socks (see the reviews here).

Because there were so many choices and colors of Randy Sun Waterproof Socks, I elected to buy the ones which reached higher on my leg, closer to my knee this time around.

Pros:randy sun waterproof socks wet snow test

  • The material is comfortable.
  • Yes, they are really waterproof.
  • A great accessory for trail runners.
  • A great accessory for anyone who gets their feet wet.
  • Offers awesome protection up to the knees.
  • There’s no sweating in them.
  • There’s a lot of different color options available.
  • You can also get different sizes. Some go as high as your calf muscle while others closer to the knee (which I prefer more).


  • Like any waterproof socks, your protection from the water goes as far as their height does which is around the knees in this case. I still have yet to fully test this, but I suspect it’s the exact same thing as with my Showers Pass waterproof socks.

Click here to get these same waterproof socks (5 other colors available).

The initial tests I ran on the Randy Sun Waterproof socks:

randy sun waterproof socks test1) The first thing I did was put one of the socks on and then put my foot under a faucet. Not a drop leaked through, awesome!

2) I then put them on several times when I did walks outside my house.

It involved walking in snow and sometimes having to step in deep ice puddles. Thankfully these socks also managed to stay dry on the inside and I could barely feel the cold.

These socks do a great job of keeping out the cold.

3) Another thing I was worried about was sweat. Would my feet sweat in these?

And the answer is basically no.

These socks are made from such a material that my feet never really sweat much, even when I run with these socks on.

It’s something the Showers Pass socks also have, but I’m glad it’s also the case with the Randy Sun Waterproof socks too.

Video review of the Randy Sun Waterproof Socks:

Click here to get the same Randy Sun Waterproof socks.

Conclusions on the Randy Sun Waterproof socks:

With these 3 experiments alone, combined with all of my experiments with the Showers Pass waterproof socks, I can confidently say the Randy Sun Waterproof socks are a great choice for people considering getting waterproof socks.

I can totally see why these socks get such great reviews and now you can add me as a +1 to them. In fact, I also bought 2 more pairs of Randy Sun waterproof socks for my family members, each a different color, but all with the same reliable protection from getting wet.

Randysun Waterproof Socks


Quality of waterproof socks



  • Protection up to my knees.
  • They are waterproof (tested).

2 thoughts on “Randy Sun Waterproof Socks Review. One of The Best I’ve Had”

  1. For me they failed to meet my expectations. They were not waterproof and did have seams. They could not cope with soft-shell boots that let some water through while walking over wet grass. The water came in at the toes were there are quite well hidden seams. I gave a detailed one star review when they requested one. Can’t find it on their website, only five star reviews on the socks I purchased. Looks like they want to control the messaging rather than listen to customers and improve. Sent from China so I am not going to even bother trying to get a refund.

    • It’s possible you may have gotten a bad pair. I got mine on Amazon for the 5 star reviews and tested them the first night by going into snow and then stepping into water as I showed in my images above. From that point to today, they have been working fine for me. I would seriously consider requesting a refund from whatever company you ordered them from.

      And if you are still in the market for waterproof socks and don’t want to get this one, I can tell you the Showers Pass Waterproof socks are also amazing (they were the first pair I ever got).


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