How to Spend One Day at Arches National Park

how to spend one day at arches national park

If one day is all you have to spend at Arches National Park, trust me, it’s more than enough, because you can do a lot there, especially if you follow this exact itinerary I followed. I greatly underestimated Arches National Park and never imagined how awesome and alien the landscape could be. That was until … Read more

How to Spend One Day at Canyonlands National Park

how to spend one day at canyonlands national park

If you’re planning to visit Canyonlands National Park but only have one day to explore it, fear not, because there happen to be many activities close to each other which you can do so much so that it’ll seem like you spent days there. My experience in visiting Canyonlands National Park for only one day: … Read more

8 Stunning Places You Need to Visit on Vancouver Island

8 stunning places to visit on vancouver island

I’d heard about the beauty of Vancouver Island for a long time and in September 2019, I finally got the chance to visit this place to see why. Here are 8 stunning places I saw in Vancouver Island: Sooke Potholes park. Sandcut Beach. Sombrio Beach. Mystic Beach. Downtown Victoria. Goldstream Trestle. Niagara Falls (on Vancouver … Read more