The 9 Best Scenic Drives in Northern California

scenic drives in northern california

After finishing a post on the best scenic drives in southern California, I am now focusing on the northern end of this beautiful state and I happen to have a bit more places to recommend to you since I’ve been through this area more often. So far the list of scenic drives in northern California … Read more

The 5 Best Scenic Drives in Southern California

scenic drives in southern california

I have never seen a state with so many scenic drives as I have in California and in today’s post, I will just focus on the southern region of this state. I’ve only been through southern California once in my life, during a Pacific Northwest road trip, but after seeing all the diverse landscapes and … Read more

18 of The Best Hiking Trails to Explore in Utah

Best Hiking Trails in Utah

Utah has some of the best hiking trails you’ll ever explore and I would know since I’ve done at least 4 road trips through this state. And every time I explore it, I try to get more and more hikes under my belt there. In today’s post, I want to share 18 of the best … Read more

7 Adventures to Try at Russian Gulch State Park California

7 Adventures to Try at Russian Gulch State Park California

Russian Gulch State Park is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever visited in California and besides highly recommending you to do it too, I want to share 7 amazing adventures you can do when you go here, to really get the most out of this small, but extremely scenic place. The 7 adventures … Read more