The 5 Best Scenic Drives in Southern California

scenic drives in southern california

I have never seen a state with so many scenic drives as I have in California and in today’s post, I will just focus on the southern region of this state. I’ve only been through southern California once in my life, during a Pacific Northwest road trip, but after seeing all the diverse landscapes and … Read more

18 of The Best Hiking Trails to Explore in Utah

Best Hiking Trails in Utah

Utah has some of the best hiking trails you’ll ever explore and I would know since I’ve done at least 4 road trips through this state. And every time I explore it, I try to get more and more hikes under my belt there. In today’s post, I want to share 18 of the best … Read more

10 Best Day Hikes to Explore at Olympic National Park

10 Best Day Hikes to Explore at Olympic National Park

I’ve had the honor of exploring much of Olympic National Park (on 3 occasions and counting) and hiking a bunch of different trails there in the process. In this article, I want to share 10 trails there that are perfect for day hikes. The thing to understand about Olympic National Park is that it is … Read more

21 Nature Spots I Explored on my Western US Road Trip

my western us road trip

In very early 2020, I managed to get in a 2 week road trip under my belt that spanned across most of the Western US. I say managed because this was right before all the crazy events took place that stopped everything, so I got really lucky as literally one week after I returned back … Read more

10 Gorgeous Places to See on The Washington Coast

10 Gorgeous Places to See on The Washington Coast

I’ve had the pleasure to travel through 90% of the Washington coast and through my travels want to share with you 10 gorgeous places I’ve seen along the way. I’ve been researching what other sites are saying at what to see on the Washington coasts and I have to say, their lists in most cases … Read more