10 Best Camping Spots on The Oregon Coast

Camping Spots on The Oregon Coast

Imagine camping close by to the beautiful Oregon Coast, especially it’s most beautiful spots. Well this is absolutely possible as there’s plenty of places available near the coastline, 10 of which I’ll share with you in this post, as well as the specific hikes and spots to see nearby each location. I have personally explored … Read more

8 Beaches With Waterfalls Whose Beauty Will Blow You Away!

8 Stunning Beaches With Waterfalls Whose Beauty Will Blow You Away

It’s not common to find beaches that have waterfalls on their shore, but in this article I’ll share the 8 I’ve explored so far that do as well as their locations and I’ll tell you right now, all 8 of these places are gorgeous. The 8 I’ve explored so far are mostly in the western … Read more

Oregon Coast vs Washington Coast. Which One is Better?

oregon coast vs washington coast

I have traveled through the entire coast of Oregon and explored about 80% of the Washington Coast too. Most people including myself will tell you that both coastlines are beautiful, similar in many ways and doing a road trip through both these states is what would be best to judge which one you like more. … Read more

Maine’s Coast vs The Oregon Coast. Which is More Beautiful?

maine coast vs oregon coast

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled through both the coastlines of Maine and Oregon and if you were to ask me which state is more beautiful, I’d probably tell you it’s Oregon and I would say that without even thinking much about it. Despite being an east coast resident, you’d think I was … Read more