10 Scenic Hikes And Drives on The Appalachian Mountains.

10 scenic drives and hikes on the appalachian mountains

I’ve done a lot of hiking, road tripping, and exploration across the eastern United States, particularly through the Appalachian Mountains there and in this article, I’m going to share with you: 10 scenic drives and 10 scenic hikes I found in the Appalachian Mountains: By the way, this makes the total list 20. The background … Read more

5 Things to do in The Blue Ridge Mountains For First Timers

things to do in the blue ridge mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains was a spot I’ve wanted to see out for years and in July of 2018, on a crazy Appalachian Mountains road trip, I finally did. And I’ll be sharing with you the top 5 things I found you can do at the Blue Ridge Mountains. Let me just mention a few very … Read more

My Epic 4,000 Mile Road Trip in The Appalachian Mountains

My Epic 4,000 Mile Road Trip in The Appalachian Mountains

Last year, my friend and I did an epic, and scenic road trip through most of the eastern states of the US. It lasted 6 days, and had us drive 4,000 miles, mainly across the Appalachian Mountains through a path known as The Blue Ridge Mountains. Today I would like to share this trip with … Read more