The 4 Steps I Used to Get Over 100,000 Visitors to my Travel Blog (And Make Money Online From it):

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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Profitable Travel Blog (4 Steps):”

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I think you have gone straight to the heart of the matter. There is something about travel blogs that is very accessible and easy and yet I’m sure the audience demand is almost insatiable. I can see how this is a niche that many people are attracted to. I have a very good friend who has been running an excellent travel blog in the UK for many years now. He has a great deal of traffic to his site and yet he has no notion at all of SEO. He also has very little idea of how to monetize the site. It is very frustrating to see the potential and yet I am not able to persuade him to take the last steps. I’ve even suggested some affiliate programs he could sign up for. I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. If I could just get him to click on that link. Thanks again, Andy

    • Hi Andy, tell him to start using display ads. If his traffic is over 10,000 a month, he can register with Ezoic and if it’s over 50,000 visitors, he can likely sign up with Mediavine and almost immediately start monetizing this blog. 

      For affiliate marketing, if his travel blog is more about locations to visit, it would be tough to monetize that way. He would likely need to do specific review posts on things to buy for travel blogging, and/or top 10 posts on things like hiking boots to buy. 

  2. Wow, this is pretty amazing, it is so good to know that you can build this blog to this level and especially traveling which I think is a great niche and can be so profitable especially with the right training that you are sharing. Thanks so much for the insight. I am sure that your blog is and will be a great help to so many.

    • You’re welcome Norman, thanks and yes, travel blogging can really be a successful thing you can do and Wealthy Affiliate will help you with that.


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