Is Breakneck Ridge Dangerous to Hike? I Tried it.

breakneck ridge dangers and information 01

If you’re thinking about hiking Breakneck Ridge for the first time and are wondering if it is dangerous and worth the climb, I’ll tell you since I hiked it (twice). The 5 most important things I learned about hiking Breakneck Ridge: 1) There are parts of this hike that are very dangerous. 2) The main … Read more

My Epic 7 Day Road Trip Through Western Canada

7 day road trip across western canada

In late September of last year, I got the chance to explore much of western Canada for 7 days in what could only be described as an epic road trip. And with the numerous others I’ve taken, this was truly something else.  So if you’re reading this and considering doing your own road trip through … Read more

8 Places to See on Vancouver Island For Your First Visit

8 Places to See on Vancouver Island For Your First Visit

I’d heard about the beauty of Vancouver Island and the fact that there’s so many places to see there that take your breath away for a long time and after exploring it 2 times, I can confirm this is true. My first visit to Vancouver Island in 2019 came with it’s own doubts about how … Read more